We surged from our seats on the floor to find Mammano behind the stage,


just after he left the ring. He was somewhat frustrated, yet in addition could see the appeal.

“Great lighthearted element,” he said. “He’s a youthful, senseless canine and was simply having some good times.”


pet obedience training

Most years, a canine like Appollo wouldn’t draw near to the green floor covering at the Garden. Yet, the show in 2002 was no customary show.

With New York City still in stun from the 9/11 fear monger assaults, 20 pursuit and salvage canines were respected for their vigorous work at the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

At 10, Appollo the German shepherd was getting somewhat dim in the gag, his teeth were yellowing. He didn’t resemble the 2,500 consummately prepared pooches around him.

However there was not really a dry eye as the 10,000 onlookers stood and applauded the German shepherds, retrievers and their accomplices, an applause generally saved for the star competitors who played in the field. It was hard not to be cleared up in the feeling.

A spotlight highlighted them as they strolled individually into the middle ring and entertainer Glenn Close sang “God Bless America” during the 15-minute function.

Not the typical gathering for this gathering.

“We were really anxious,” said Lt. Daniel Donadio, top of the New York Police Department’s K-9 unit. “We’d preferably face shooters over the group.”



Every year, there are the top choices. J.R. the bichon frise, Mick the Kerry blue terrier, Banana Joe the affenpinscher. Wire fox terriers and poodles consistently appear to bring home the consecrated silver bowl.

At that point there was Stump.

With floppy ears and a sluggish roll, the brilliant red Sussex spaniel didn’t make our initial rundown of likely bosses in 2009. How should he? Resigned from the ring for a very long time, it was only five days before the show when controller Scott Sommer figured Stump may get a kick out of the chance to go for one last stroll at the Garden.

What a walk! At 10 – that is just about 70 in human years – Stump turned into the most established Westminster victor ever.

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