that you love to converse with converse with you about it.


What you doin ‘? (What you doin’?)

What’s going on with you. (What’s happening with you)

Where you at? (Where you at?)

Where right? (Where right?)

Gracious, you got plans? (You got plans)

Goodness, do you have plans? (You have plans)

Try not to say that (Shut your snare)

Say nothing. (Halting move you go),

the I’m Sippin ‘wine introlyric¬†happen (the Sip, taste Do) In A, robe (Drip, Drip)

I was tasting wine (SIP) in a shower robe (water drops trickling down)

the I. look excessively great (look excessively great)

, I look awesome (generally excellent)

the to be separated from everyone else store (Woo ‘, charm,)


My home clean (House clean), my pool warm (Pool warm) My home clean (House clean), my pool warm

. (Pool is warmed)

the Just Shaved, Smooth Like A Newborn

I had recently completed the process of shaving. Smooth as a child

We ought to be dancin ‘, romancin’

We ought to move together, heartfelt

In the east wing and the west wing

of the East Wing and West Wing

Of this manor, what’s happenin ‘ ?

of this house So what will occur?

I isn’t playin ‘no games

I didn’t play anything


my mom’s petitions You posed the inquiry, I said, “Yes” when you asked me I said indeed, But I’m frightened, however I was terrified.

‘Cause I’ve never donned white

since I never wear white lady

Be that as it may, I wanna take care of business

, yet I need to make it right

Better believe it, I truly wanna attempt with you

, I needed to take a stab at living with you. in reality

no, I’ve never sported white

I never wear white wedding outfit

however, I’m substitute ‘here this evening

, yet I am remaining here this evening

‘ Cause I truly wanna say “I do”

for me. I truly need to say, “I concur.”

I do.

I concur.

See us in sixty years with a full genealogical record (I do)

have seen us at 60 years old with a major family

Give my hard work to arrive at our predetermination (I do)

given a whole body, sweat and tears all together. it is our destiny

‘Cause love is a minefield, let ‘s take this conflict, child (I do)

love is a front line. Come battle in this conflict, love

‘Cause toward the finish, all things considered, , I pick you and you pick me (I do)

, in light of the fact that toward the finish of this entire story. is I pick you and you picked me

Express gratitude toward God I was lady enough to come

Express gratitude toward God I’m a lady finds a way into

Answer your dad’s supplications

as a response to supplication, asked from your dad

You posed the inquiry

at the point when you inquired as to whether

I could advise you were frightened.

I can disclose to you that you were frightened as well.

‘Cause I’ve never donned white

since I never wear white lady of the hour

In any case, I wanna hit the nail on the head

, however I need to make it right

Definitely, I truly wanna attempt with you

, I needed to have a go at living with you. all things considered

no, I’ve never donned white

I never wear white wedding outfit

yet, I’m substitute ‘here around evening time

, however I am remaining here around evening time

‘ Cause I truly wanna say “I do”

for me. I truly needed to say, “I concur.”

Presently how about we hit the dance floor with one another ( Dance with one another)

are currently meeting up to move. (Dance Together)

mixin ‘The entirety Of Our Colors

blend tones, we all together

It’s so natural to give up

so effectively to give up

At the point when you at last find for eternity

at the point when last you met the affection Anni. run

No, I’ve never donned white, no

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