There is some work and tolerance included

, yet it pays off, furnishing you with an excellent and enduring demonstration of your imagination.


To make a neon light sign, . start by gathering these apparatuses and materials:

Pieces of paper and a pencil

A spool of 16-check metal wire (this fills in as the edge for your electroluminescent wire)

5mm EL wire of your picked shading (15′- 20′ length appears to get the job done with most plans)

Sting and wire cutters

A craft glue weapon with a reinforcement stick


Batteries – whatever type your EL wire battery pack requires


Attract your plan pencil across a few pieces of paper. The thought is to draw your plan as precisely as could really be expected, and to the specific size you need your sign to be.

Follow your plan with string, which is the most effortless way of deciding the length of wire required.

Match the string with the wire and cut the wire a similar length as the string utilizing the wire cutters.

Curve the wire along your print or drawing of your planned neon light plan. At the point when you’re done, the wire ought to be the exact plan you want. Take as much time as is needed doing this, as you need to ensure you get it just prior to connecting the EL wire.

Cautiously secure your neon light to the wire utilizing a heated glue weapon, beginning with the lower part of the EL wire (the part that is associated with the battery pack).

Contingent upon the length of your plan and the length of your EL wire, you might need to begin a couple crawls in from the battery pack, with the goal that the battery pack doesn’t simply hang off the tip of your plan. Match the EL wire to the string if this makes a difference.

Move gradually from one finish of the wires to the next, cautiously utilizing the paste weapon to seal them together.

If you have overabundance neon light toward the finish of the plan, just cut it off with scissors so it won’t enlighten.

Purchasing a Neon Sign

Making your own neon sign can be fun, yet it’s anything but a venture for everybody. Here is a rundown of a couple of our cherished neon signs that you can purchase on the web:

“Mixed drinks” neon sign

“The World is Yours” neon sign

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